Summer Reading Finale: Lindsay & Her Puppet Pals

August 11, 2016 • 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Winslow Public Library
Summer Reading Finale: Lindsay & Her Puppet Pals
Our summer reading finale is sure to be a blast with Lindsay & Her Puppet Pals, followed by our annual ice cream party! 
Lindsay’s highly interactive, comedic performances delight the young and the young at heart! These larger than life, hand crafted puppets charm even the most timid audience members and provide memorable characters for positive short stories and skits. Kids chatter about their favorite puppets and funny moments long after a show! Kids will meet several puppets throughout the performance. Perhaps a goofy penguin or moose, a heroic tiger, or a lovable bear. Oh my! Maybe a dancing robot or flamingo, an adorable mouse, a stubborn goat, a shy dragon, or a singing dinosaur! Come find out who's making an appearance this time! 

Thousands of children and families across NH, MA, and ME have enjoyed Lindsay’s professional and high spirited performances. Her comedic animation and timing, high energy, and uncanny knack for silly voices electrifies young crowds (and mastery of gentle crowd control will bring them back!) She believes the visual and interactive nature of puppetry can access the imaginations of even the youngest children. Through thoughtful storytelling she hopes to inspire creative play, self-confidence, and empathy. She also believes the experience of shared joy and laughter can strengthen a community! 

This program is a great fit for ages 3-8 and families.