Multi-Year Paving Contract 2023

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The Town of Winslow is soliciting bids for in-place paving and related services for a three-year term. Estimated tonnage may vary. The annual paving season shall commence on April 1 of each year, or at the earliest date thereafter allowed by weather conditions. All paving work shall be completed by October 31 of each year. NOTE: This IFB includes the spring/summer 2023 season despite the April 1 start date.

Bid Requirements

  1. This bid is for a period of three years with the right to extend the contract each year as it expires, if agreeable to both parties.
  2. All materials used shall conform to current Maine D.O.T. specifications.
  3. Surface mix or material shall conform to 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm, and 19 mm MDOT mixes, unless otherwise agreed on. RAP content shall not exceed 10% for 9.5 mm and 12.5 mm mixes and RAP content shall not exceed 20% for 19 mm mixes.
  4. Outside temperature shall be a minimum of 45 deg, and surface area to be covered shall be dry at all times.
  5. “Paving” application shall be either one course base mix or shim mix, and one course surface mix unless otherwise agreed upon.
  6. Predetermined grades may be required to assure proper alignment and pitch from centerline of road or street to shoulder. On roads that have been reclaimed contractor shall fine grade (+ or – ½” tolerance) road surface to the satisfaction of the Public Works Director prior to paving base course. Reclaimed asphalt shall meet a 2.5” minus gradation. All 4” plus cobbles shall be removed from the road surface. Reclaimed surface shall be roller compacted to a minimum of 95% compaction. Cost of all grading and compaction work to be included in the bid price of reclaiming.
  7. Cold Milling of Bituminous Paving shall conform to current State of Maine D.O.T. specifications. Pavement milling depth shall be determined by the Public Works Director. All milling material shall be delivered to the Public Works Department at 135 Halifax Street in Winslow. Cost for transport of milling material shall be included in the contractor’s bid price.
  8. Slipform Concrete Curb shall be installed per special provisions of current State of Maine D.O.T. Specifications. Provide Vertical Type (1/2” taper) curb with 8.25” high reveal set on base paving. Curb width 6” at top of curb. Sawcut expansion joints max. 10’ on center (within 2 days of placement) and spray chemical curing compound (day of placement) included in price.
  9. Areas to be paved shall be free of sand, dirt, etc., and swept clean if necessary.
  10. “Paving” shall be applied so as to correct and eliminate surface drainage problems.
  11. “Paving” shall be carried out to the widest limits of the existing pavement.
  12. All material shall be placed hot and rolled, as needed. Beginning and ending joints shall be tacked.
  13. All driveway aprons and intersections shall be properly connected, including ground joints in existing pavement as needed and tacked. All driveway apron work shall be completed within 48 hours of mainline paving in front of a driveway.
  14. Prior to pavement plants opening the contractor shall meet with the Public Works Director and KWD engineers and give them a preliminary schedule of work to be accomplished under this contract.
  15. Before “Paving” work begins, Kennebec Water District shall be notified so all water gates and shut offs shall be lifted to the new pavement surface.
  16. Some sidewalk and parking areas requiring hand placing and machine laid “Paving” may be included. All driveway entrances shall blend to meet the new pavement.
  17. Traffic flow shall be controlled to the satisfaction of the Winslow Police Department. Paving contractor to include cost of all traffic control measures in bid price.
  18. Reflective yellow centerline pavement delineators shall be installed 150 ft. on center after base and surface course installations.
  19. The contractor shall show proof of liability insurance and limits of coverage before work begins. Proof of worker’s compensation is also needed.
  20. Work will be scheduled with input from the Public Works Director.
  21. The successful contractor should be able to supply “Paving” material and placement crew throughout the contract years, as requested by the Public Works Director.
  22. Payment shall be made within 60 days of satisfactory completion of work. Certified weight slips for each “Paving” load will be collected on the job site daily.
  23. Prior to Top Coat installation surface shall be tack coated .03 - .04 gal./sq. yd. Double tack application rate for milled surfaces. Application rate based on just the asphalt binder content of the emulsion. Provide separate cost for Tack Coat.
  24. A list of probable roads to be paved in FY 2024 through FY 2026 is attached with this bid spec and available on the Town’s website at The Town of Winslow reserves the right to modify the road list by adding or deleting streets and changing pavement quantities. Areas of shim and structural overlay work to be determined by Public Works Director. Streets will be grouped by neighborhood to economize paving operations. Contractor may not change per ton bid price based on any changes to this list.
Bid Instructions

Proposals will not receive consideration unless submitted in accordance with the following instructions to bidders. Please mark sealed envelopes plainly: “Multi-Year Paving Bid #2023.”

Bidders must complete all sections of the attached Bid Form. Partial or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

This bid will allow for a price escalator based on English Liquid Asphalt binder cost as reported by Maine DOT on their website: East Coast/North East Selling Prices New Specification for Bids opened beginning in 2011. Adjustments may be made upward or downward weekly as prices increase or decrease. Price adjustments will be based on the variance in costs for the binder component of hot mix asphalt. The quantity of hot mix asphalt will be multiplied by % asphalt factor for that spec item times the difference in price between the binder price at the time bids are opened and the binder price when the hot mix asphalt is placed. % asphalt factor for mix being placed as found in Maine DOT SPECIAL PROVISION SECTION 108 PAYMENT shall be the basis for the Asphalt Escalator.

For example, if binder bid opening price is $552.50 per ton at bid and $600 per ton at placement of Item 403.208 Hot Mix Asphalt – 12.5 mm, the binder price adjustment would be +5.6%.

Paving price per ton may be adjusted upward by ($600-$552.50) x .056 = $ 2.66 per ton escalation.

Paving price per ton may be adjusted upward by ($600-$552.50) x .056 = $ 2.66 per ton escalation.

Questions regarding Invitation to Bid should be directed to:

Paul Fongemie, Public Works Director
207-872-1972 (O)


Bids should be submitted to:

Erica LaCroix, Town Manager
114 Benton Ave
Winslow, ME  04901

Please mark sealed envelopes plainly: “Multi-Year Paving Bid #2023.” Bids must be received at the Town of Winslow Town Office by 2:00 p.m. Thursday, April 13, 2023. No proposals will be accepted after the time and date listed above. Bids will be opened publicly at 2:00 p.m. on that date.


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