Parks & Recreation

1343779658fthalifax1The Winslow Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to maintaining all of the town parks and recreation areas.  In addition we maintain the Donald Carter Memorial Bridge, the Winslow/Waterville Bridge, the Public Library, the Town Office, four cul-de-sacs, the pump station, tennis courts, athletic fields, and school grounds.  In all, we maintain 32 areas around the Town.

The Department also offers various recreational programs for all student aged kids. These programs include a Winter Basketball Program, a 8 Weeks Summer Fun Camp, Fall Soccer and Field Hockey. Various Junior High and High School programs are also offered.

The Winslow Parks and Rec Department also has numerous places for rent. The Fort Halifax Park, the Town Gazebo, and the Rec Center are all rented for weddings, birth day parties, anniversary parties, and for on-going activities. Please contact us if you think you would like to have your event in Winslow.

The Winslow Parks and Recreation Department also maintains the Winslow Cemetery Association.  All questions should be directed to the Parks and Recreations Director by calling 872-2776.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • All individuals involved in any aspect of Parks and Recreation activities will be treated fairly and with respect.
  • All Parks and Recreation activities will be safe, nurturing, fun, and worthwhile.
  • Parks and Recreation representatives in leadership or support roles will ensure a professional, respected, and positive program or event will be completed.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to maintain, develop, and expand opportunities for all of its community members.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department will work cooperatively and closely with all community assets and entities in order to provide quality programs and activities.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department will give any community member the right to express concerns, comments, or accolades in writing or in person with an open-door policy.