Solicitation Permits

According to the Town Ordinance Chapter 213 - Article 1, "No person shall solicit funds from any person by selling goods or merchandise of any description by house-to-house canvas or on the streets of the Town without a permit."

Anyone wishing to receive a permit must submit an application to the Winslow Police Department. You must provide the following information:
  • Applicant's name
  • Applicant's contact information
  • Business or organization name and contact information
  • Type, manner, and location of activity
  • Beginning and end date of solicitation 
  • Type and number of state licenses pertaining to the activity
  • Applicant's government-issued ID card and number
On approval, applicants will be issued a permit by the Winslow Police Department. Any person in violation of this section shall be fined $50 per day. Please contact us with questions at (207) 872-5215.