Staffing/Salary Comparisons

Here is how the current staffing and Public Safety staffing compare in terms of cost:

Current Structure including benefits:
  •   1 Police Chief  $110,613 (Class 28 step 8 of salary scale, Single insured, ICMA retirement)
  •   1 Lieutenant  $125,262 (Step 11 Union, Family insured, MPERS 2/3 plan) – earns overtime in addition to this
  •   1 Fire Chief  $107,937 (Class 28 step 9 of salary scale, $10k medical opt out, ICMA retirement) – Potential new chief loaded salary $92,415 to $118,620
  •   1 Deputy Fire Chief  $116,929 (Class 26 step 9 of salary scale, Family insured, ICMA retirement)
  •   Total admin employees – 4     Total Cost - $460,208
 Public Safety Structure including benefits:
  •    1 Public Safety Director $110,613 (current assessment of Police Chief salaries includes those who are public safety directors so no change)
  •    1 Deputy Police Chief $122,655 (Class 27 step 10 of salary scale, Family insured, ICMA retirement)
  •    1 Deputy Fire Chief $122,655 (Class 27 step 10 of salary scale, Family insured, ICMA retirement)
  •    Total Admin employees – 3    Total Cost $355,923

This is based on the current employees who would take these positions in the interim assignments and the current benefits they have chosen, AND before adding in the Lieutenant’s overtime. So before even adding the OT, the savings is approximately $105,000. And potentially a newly hired Fire Chief could come in at the top of the pay scale, making the difference even greater. So, there is a definite cost savings. Note that these are initial thoughts on where the Deputy Chief positions would land on the current salary scale, and it may change after assessment. But it’s a pretty good estimate.