After-hours Pick-up Service

lockers 6-1-2022The Winslow Public library now offers an after-hours pick-up service for patrons who can’t visit the library during our hours of operation.  To use this service library patrons must be in good standing and have an email address in their library record. Check with us if you are not sure if you qualify. Only items than can fit in a locker are available for after-hours pick-up. We limit this service to 1 locker per person at any one time, if you have requested more items than will fit in a locker you may need to make more than 1 visit to pick-up your items.

To request item(s) for after-hours pick-up: Search our online catalog, select the “Request” button in the results and request your item by clicking on the request item button. You will be prompted for your name and library card number. If you need your card number, call the library at 207-872-1978, or email us at 

Wait for notification: You will receive an email notification when your item(s) are ready. Once you have received notification, send us a request for after-hours pick-up. To do this forward your email notice to the library at  and let us know you want to use after hours pick-up. You may receive more than one email notification if you have requested multiple items. If you have multiple items available for pick-up, you only need to notify us once, we will gather together all your items that are ready in time for your appointment. When your items are ready for pick-up, you will receive an email with the Locker number that will hold your items and 4 -digit code for the padlock. 

Pick up (After Hours Curbside Locker): Arrive any time after closing or before we open. Each locker has a lock. Your item is in the locker noted in the email you received from us. Open the lock by entering the 4-digit padlock code and pulling down on the padlock. Grab your order, close the locker, replace the lock, and lock it. Your bag of newly-checked-out items will contain a slip listing all items borrowed and their due dates. Bring home your items and enjoy!

Returning items: Please return your books to our book drop located between the library’s front doors.