Food Waste Recycling Programs

Free Food Recycling Program for Winslow Residents & Taxpayers 

Consider Using our Community Drop-off Site

Winslow residents, do you know about our free food waste collection site? The drop off site is there to turn your food waste into renewable energy and farm animal bedding which prevents it from being put into a landfill. You can find the site in the parking lot of the Winslow Public Library @ 136 Halifax St, Winslow!

Remember, only food belongs in our Food Recycling Bins! Contamination can do more harm than good, so please no plastics, paper products, coffee cups, shopping bags, to-go containers or other trash. 

The more we reduce the amount of waste we throw-out, the more the town saves of the cost of trash pick-up. By using this free service, you can help the town keep down costs and affect  local taxes.