Winslow receives $2.7 Million grant under the Maine Infrastructure Adaptation Fund

The Town of Winslow is the recipient of a $2.7 million grant to fund stormwater improvements in the Sunset Heights neighborhood. The funding will be used to upgrade the drainage structures around Cushman Road and Roberts Street areas which overflow regularly during heavy rains, and often result in more severe flooding at the intersection of China Road, Bay Street and August Road. This in turn has caused property damage and significant safety issues to the travelling public with flooded roads.

This area is scheduled as part of the Sunset Heights Sewer project, which is in the design phase currently. The estimated price tag for that project is $14 million. This funding covers 20% of that projected cost.

“Over the past two decades, the once-in-a-hundred-years events have started to happen more and more often,” said Erica LaCroix, Winslow Town Manager. “The increased severity of storms has surpassed the capacity of our aging stormwater system, and businesses and residents have suffered significant losses as a result. This trend is not likely to decline any time soon, but the funds to combat this threat just haven’t been available. We are grateful to Governor Mills, the DEP, and MaineDOT for recognizing the need to help our local communities in preparing for the effects of climate change now and in the future.”
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