Cemetery Locations

Fort Hill - Located on Halifax St, between Monument and Bay Street. It's on the south side of the street at the crest of Fort Hill. Easily visible.
Getchell - This cemetery is on the west side of the Bassett Road almost at the junction of the Cushman Road (nearly at the Vassalboro line). It can easily be seen looking east from the Cushman Road.
Stratton - This cemetery cannot be seen from the road, bus is easy to get to by foot or by car. It is about 200 yards west of the Garland Road just across the road from the Carl Horne Farm.
Abbott - Located on the north side of the Abbott Road, between the Pond Road and the Nowell Road. Rather difficult to find.
McClintock - A good sized cemetery on the west side of the Nowell Road, about 3/4 of a mile from the intersection of the Abbott Road. The cemetery is about a hundred yards off the road. A road leads into the cemetery.
Gowan - South side of the Abbott Road almost to the Albion town line.
Brown - This cemetery can no longer be found
Barton-Hinds - Driving north across the Benton town line on the Garland Road. Take the first right onto the Eames Road. The cemetery is on the right side of the road at the far end of the first field you come to - a white fence encloses the area. 
Crosby - Located on the west side of the Morrill Road, north of the China Road intersection. 
Hodges - Located on the west side of the Garland Road about 200 yards north of the Albion Road Intersection. It is located on the Hodges homestead. It cannot be seen from the road.
Palmer Road - This cemetery is located on the north side of the Palmer Road between S. Reynolds and Maple Ridge Roads.
Wilson - North side of the Albion Road just east of Quimby Lane.
Charland - Located on the North side of the China Road between the N. Reynolds Road and Pond Roads (closer to the Reynolds Road) Not visible from the road.
Privately Owned Cemeteries
Drummond - Located right beside Augusta Road. Head south from the intersection of the Augusta Road and Carter Memorial Drive for exactly  .4 of a mile (just beyond the Chaffee Brook Road, a short, unused dead end) bear right, seemingly into a private driveway, about ten feet down this driveway bear right again. A little road leads to the cemetery. This is a privately owned cemetery.
Howard - Easy to find, just .2 of a mile beyond Drummond Cemetery on the east side of the Augusta Road. Easily visible from the road. This is a privately owned cemetery.