Current Council Members

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Current Town Council Members

Town Councilor At-Large
Lee Trahan
District: At large1578665030lee-trahan---photo
Phone: (207) 509-8453
Mr. Trahan resides at 40 Frankwood Drive.
Term Expires 12/31/2025
Town Councilor At-Large
Jeffrey West
District: At large
Phone: (207) 872-6456
Mr. West lives at 2 Poplar Street.
Term Expires 12/31/2025 
District 1 Town Councilor
Peter Drapeau
District 11612806645peter-drapeau

Phone: (207) 314-0111
Mr. Drapeau resides at 150 Taylor Road.
Term Expires 12/31/2023 
Augusta Road 354-1461
Bassett Road
Brann Road
Chaffee Brook Road
China Road 432-1343
Cote Lane
Cushman Road 77-532
Dunbar Road
E. Palmer Road
Emily's Way
Maple Ridge Road
Millenium Drive
Narrow Gauge Lane
Nowell Road 1-205
Patterson Avenue
Rainbow Lane
Rock Ridge Drive
S. Pond Road
S. Reynolds Road
S. Ridge Road
Taylor Road
Timber Oaks Drive
Verti Drive
Veteran Drive
W. Palmer Road
Whisperwood Drive
Wyman Road
Wyman Bog Road
District 2 Town Councilor
Dale Macklin
District 2

Phone: (207) 716-7593
Mr. Macklin resides at 29 Cushman Road.
Term Expires  12/31/2024

Augusta Road 1-353
Beck Street
Belanger Street
Bert Street
Bizier Street
Bolduc Avenue
China Road 1-430
Clifford Avenue
Cloutier Estates
Cushman Road 1-76
Dallaire Street
Donna Street
Gail Street
Garland Road 1-287
Ginger Avenue
Halifax Street 1-62
Harry Street
Helen Street
Hemlock Street
Jack Street
Jim Street
Joe Avenue
Kenneth Eskelund Dr
Lee Street
Leland Street
Lessard Street
Lithgow Street
Lucille Avenue
Marie Street
Matheson Avenue
Maude Street
Norton Street
Paine Street
Pat Street
Paul Street
Poplar Street
Robert Street
Roy Street
Sam Street
Stuart Street
Sunset Street
District 3 Town Councilor
Jerry Quirion
District 3
Phone: (207) 660-2403
Mr. Quirion resides at 18 South Garand Street.
Term Expiration 12/31/2023
District 3 - STREETS

Anthony Avenue
Bay Street
Bellevue Street
Charland Street
Clinton Ave 1-290
E. Vigue Street
Elizabeth Street
Fortier Street
Frawley Street
Goodrich Lane
Halifax St 63-141
Hallowell Street
Hayden Street
Lasalle Street
Maillet Street
Mar Val Terrace
Marcoux Street
Monument Street
Newcomb Drive
Poulin Street
Rancourt Ave
Rousseau Street
S. Garand Street
Segar Brook Ave
St. James Street
St. John Street
Whipple Street
District 4 Town Councilor
Raymond Caron
District 4
Phone: (207) 877-9620
Mr. Caron resides at 19 Court Street in Winslow.
Term Expiration 12/31/2024
District 4 - STREETS

Baker Street
Barton Street
Beacon Street
Benton Ave 85-464
Boston Avenue
Boston Court
Bowden Street
Cardinal Way
Chadwick Street
Charles Avenue
Chickadee Trail
Choate Street
Cone Street
Corbett Lane
Court Street
Danielson Street
Dean Street
E. Bowden Street
Eaton Court
First Street
Frankwood Drive
Fuller Drive
Getchell Lane
Herd Street
Hollingsworth St
Kidder Street
Meadow View Lane
Mohegan Street
Monica Avenue
N. Garand Street
Oak Hill Terrace
Olde Heritage Place
Partridge Lane
Peachtree Lane
Pinehurst Avenue
Primrose Street
Private Drive
Roderick Road
Second Street
Smiley Avenue
Stobie Street
Victor Terrace
W. Baker St
Warren Terrace
Whippoorwill Drive
Woodlawn Drive
District 5 Town Councilor
Joseph "Rocky" Gravel
District 5
Phone: (207) 877-3143
Mr. Gravel resides at 98 Shorey Road.
Term Expiration 12/31/2023

Abbott Road
Albion Road
Bald Eagle Lane
Bass Road
Benton Ave 465-1046
Berchester Drive
Black Raven Lane
Blue Heron Lane
Blue Jay Way
Bluebird Lane
Brown Trout Lane
Caribou Way
Catfish Corner Road
Clinton Ave 291-987
Dixon Terrace
Eames Road
Ellis Road
Foss Hill Road
Garland Road 288-1072
Grandview Heights
Hapworth Lane
Harris Road
Heritage Lane
Heywood Road
Hummingbird Lane
Kingfisher Lane
Loon Lane
McCaslin Drive
Minnow Lane
Morrill Road
N. Pond Road
N. Reynolds Road
Nowell Road 206-560
Old Albion Road
Old Eames Road
Osprey Lane
Pattee Pond Road
Perch Road
Pickerel Point Road
Pike Road
Quimby Lane
Randall Road
Robin Lane
Shorey Road
Simpson Avenue
Sunfish Road
White Fish Road