Code Enforcement Update

Last week, for reasons that will not be disclosed under the guidelines of personnel privacy, the Code Enforcement Officer tendered his resignation effective immediately. This left a very large hole in our operations at a critical time of year. Thankfully our former CEO, Amos Michaud, has agreed to fill in part-time while we seek another candidate. Amos will be in the office Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to noon through the summer months, or until a replacement is found, whichever comes first.

Obviously with a limited schedule his work needs to be prioritized to the most pressing matters. His priority will be permits and inspections. Property Maintenance complaints will be the lowest priority unless the violation poses an imminent threat to the public safety. Amos will not be handling Planning Board matters. Those should continue to be directed to the Interim Codes/Assessing Assistant, Kaity Philbrick.

We appreciate everyone's patience over the last week and as we move forward. I am very thankful to Amos Michaud for his willingness to assist!